Argentina: Iguazu Falls

I spent a week in Buenos Aires in 2011, but did not have time to go to Iguazu Falls which I greatly regretted. So when I found myself back in South America in 2013, I knew I had find a way to get to Iguazu. Here are a few tips:

Is Iguazu worth the schlep?

Yes. It’s just short of Victoria Falls on the stunning AF scale, but it’s also significantly more exciting than Niagara. If you have the time and money, a trip to Iguazu Falls really is stunning.



How to get from Buenos Aires to Iguazu?

Buses are the cheaper route, but they also take a full 20 hours. A flight is more expensive, but only takes 2 hours. Because I was flying from the States, it made more sense for me to fly to Buenos Aires and immediately transfer to the domestic airport, and from there fly to Iguazu.

La Garganta Del Diablo (The throat of the devil) Upper Iguazu

La Garganta Del Diablo (The throat of the devil) Upper Iguazu

How long should I spend at Iguazu?

I spent one night at a hostel in Puerto Iguazu, which was close enough for me to walk to the falls. I took one entire day to explore the falls and local area, and that was plenty for me. I have heard that the view from the Brazilian side is beautiful, and many people do cross the border to get an alternative perspective, but I felt pretty waterfalled out by the end of the first day. Also, I ain’t trying to fuck with a $160 Brazilian visa fee.

What is there to do at the falls?

Walk around the falls, exploring them from above and below. There is also a boat which will take you underneath the falls on both the Argentine and Brazillian sides. I definitely recommend this. It offers a beautiful view and a cool-off from all the walking. *You will get wet*

What is there to do in Puerto Iguazu?

There are some lovely restaurants and shops in town. For a bit of relaxing exercise, I recommend going for a walk to the Tres Fronteres and catching the sunset where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay meet. There are a lot of locals going for evening strolls in this area with mate in hand!