My first solo backpacking trip was in Southern and Eastern Africa in 2011. Then the Middle East in 2012. South America in 2013. And I've just kept on traveling. I've been all around the world, from North Korea (yeah I said North) to Guatemala, Mozambique to Slovenia.  I can't give you a country count at this point, in part because that's actually a difficult question to answer based on what list you're going by, but also because I think it just sounds dick. It took me years of traveling before I even started this blog, though. Why?
Because I fucking hate travel blogs. 
I  hate the pretentious know-it-all tone so many travel writers take, as though there are "right" and "wrong" ways to travel. More  over, most blogs are full of sponsored posts. Most writers out there get free trips and accommodation in exchange for social media pictures and blog posts.This just seems so fucking disingenuous to me. Of course you're going to rave about a hotel when they are paying you/giving you a free night's stay.  Obviously you're going to love an experience when you didn't have to invest your own money in it, when the logistics of getting to and from a place have all been worked out for you. 
My goal in creating Top Knot is to write about my experiences honestly. I pay for everything I do and I will tell you if it was boring, or too expensive.  And I will do it while swearing. A lot.
If my site has at all helped you, please let me know by commenting/sharing. Because I don't work with sponsors, word of mouth is everything.
Thanks for reading.